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Nov 27, 14   Ali   0 Comment Images

Okay my friend Renee has spoiled me by sending in these beautiful images from a recent photoshoot that Eddie and Felicity did! Gallery Links: – Eddie Redmayne Web > Outtakes > 2014 > 020

Nov 27, 14   Ali   0 Comment Magazines, Video

So handsome. So charming. So…British. We go behind the scenes with the star of The Theory of Everything

Nov 27, 14   Ali   0 Comment Articles & Interviews, Images, Magazines

Eddie is interviewed for Gotham Magazine by his friend Andrew Garfield. Plus a nice new photoshoot! Eddie Redmayne knocks it out of the park with his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything. BFF actor Andrew Garfield gets the scoop on how his pal nailed the part. “The idea you get paid to […]

Nov 27, 14   Ali   0 Comment Articles & Interviews

Eddie did an interview with Josh Horowitz from MTV in his weekly podcast Happy Sad Confused. And he talks about his unfortunate auditions for Star Wars and The Hobbit. Eddie Redmayne has more than proved himself as a great actor. His “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” totally owns, and he’ll probably get an Oscar nomination […]

Nov 24, 14   Ali   0 Comment Events, Images

Today Eddie was in Munich doing a photocall for The Theory of Everything. Gallery Links: – Eddie Redmayne Web > 2014 > November 24 | The Theory of Everything Photocall in Munich

Nov 22, 14   Ali   0 Comment Articles & Interviews, Video

A special video clip from People and their Sexiest Men Alive series. The Theory of Everything star reflects back on his worst (and also best!) theater days

Nov 22, 14   Ali   0 Comment Articles & Interviews

Many have talked about how Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne will be “duking it out” during awards season and Benedict has responded to the comments. “It’s not a rivalry. It’s friendship. People can whip it up as much as they like and we will just stand back and laugh. I will be the first person […]

Nov 20, 14   Ali   0 Comment Images, Magazines

Two scans from the new issue of People Magazine. Gallery Links: – Eddie Redmayne Web > 2014 > December 1 | People

Yesterday Eddie took over Focus Feature’s twitter account to do tweets with various press sites including People.com. Here are some of the questions from the People Twitter Chat. After seeing Eddie Redmayne’s moving performance as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, we had lots of questions, and we know you did, too. That’s why […]

The Detroit Free Press did this article about Eddie and his performance in The Theory of Everything. They speek with Eddie and his director James Marsh. Actors can engage in plenty of odd pre-performance rituals, but when it comes to moments you’d rather strangers not see, few compare to hanging out in a London park […]

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