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Sep 27, 15   Ali   0 Comment Articles & Interviews

Actor Eddie Redmayne still talks to his school drama teacher when he needs tips ahead of a movie role. The 33-year-old star has taken Hollywood by storm, winning this year’s (15) best actor Oscar for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything. He’s tipped to get a nod at next year’s (16) […]

Sep 18, 15   Ali   0 Comment Articles & Interviews, Images, Magazines

Vogue magazine did a feature on The Danish Girl for their October issue … and there are some beautiful portraits of Eddie & Alicia. Plus it is a beautiful article where Vogue speaks with Eddie, Jan Sewell (the makeup artist for the film), Tom Hooper and more. In Tom Hooper’s highly anticipated The Danish Girl, […]

People.com spoke to Eddie at the Toronto Film Festival about the opportunity to play Lili Elbe in The Danish Girl. In last year’s The Theory of Everything, Eddie Redmayne transformed into a young Stephen Hawking, depicting the cosmologist’s debilitating battle with ALS. His latest role called for an even more dramatic departure: a transgender woman. […]

Sep 15, 15   Ali   0 Comment Danish Girl, Video

At the premiere of The Danish Girl the press talks to Eddie about the Oscar buzz surrounding his new film. His part is right around 1:05! So go see it!

Eddie shared with USA Today about how excited he is to be working on Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. While Eddie Redmayne is one of the biggest names in town at the Toronto International Film Festival with The Danish Girl, the Oscar winner’s also excited about getting back to the British set of […]

Sep 13, 15   Ali   0 Comment Images, Magazines

Variety featured Eddie & Alicia on the cover of their magazine recently and I have added some of the images from the photoshoot to the gallery. Gallery Links: – Eddie Redmayne Web > Outtakes > 2015 > 027

Sep 13, 15   Ali   0 Comment Events, Images

The Toronto Film Festival is officially underway and last night was the screening of Eddie’s film The Danish Girl. A giant thank you to Claudia for sharing some of these pics with us! Gallery Links: – Eddie Redmayne Web > 2015 > September 12 | Toronto Film Festival – The Danish Girl Screening – Eddie […]

Sep 06, 15   Ali   2 Comments Events, Images

Yesterday Eddie was in Venice supporting his film The Danish Girl at the Venice Film Festival. Hannah attended the premiere with him and both looked fabulous! A giant thank you to Claudia & Lindsey for sharing some of these pics with us! Gallery Links: – Eddie Redmayne Web > 2015 > September 5 | Venice […]

Sep 06, 15   Ali   0 Comment Danish Girl, Video

Here is a video clip showing some of the Danish Girl press conference from the Venice Film Festival yesterday!

Sep 06, 15   Ali   0 Comment Danish Girl

Variety gives us the first review of The Danish Girl and it sounds like once again Eddie delivered a phenomenal performance! Eddie Redmayne makes the ultimate transition, reteaming with ‘Les Miserables’ director Tom Hooper in this sensitive, high-profile portrait of transgender pioneer Lili Erbe. A year after Eddie Redmayne proved his incredible capacity for reinvention […]

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