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Mar 18, 13   Ali   0 Comment Articles & Interviews

W Magazine did a feature on Eddie about how he has arrived in Hollywood. Eddie Redmayne, who sings, leads a revolution, and breaks hearts in the movie version of Les ­Misérables, was staring at an abstract landscape by Gustav Klimt at the Neue Galerie in Manhattan on a freezing afternoon in early February. “Look at […]

USA Today did a nice feature back in December on Eddie & Amanda … great interview! It isn’t brand new but thought it was fun for all Redmayniacs! Here is the part about Eddie … Thanks to Jan for the heads up! Eddie Redmayne and Amanda Seyfried take on the star-crossed lovers Marius and Cosette. […]

Feb 22, 13   Ali   0 Comment Articles & Interviews

Vanity Fair.com did this great feature on Eddie … Much has been made about the extreme preparation that Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman underwent for Tom Hooper’s Les Misérables adaptation. Hathaway shed 25 pounds off her already thin frame, sent her new husband away to achieve the novel’s eponymous misery, and agreed to have her […]

Feb 21, 13   Ali   0 Comment Articles & Interviews, Events

E!Online got a report for Eddie on why he thinks after Sunday’s ceremony he will never be invited back to the Oscars! Les Misérables star Eddie Redmaybe is nervous—and for good reason. He’s performing in the Oscars’ musical tribute on Sunday! “I know we did live singing in the movie, but this is different,” the […]

Feb 10, 13   Ali   1 Comment Articles & Interviews, Events

Mail Online shared the sad news that Eddie was taken ill with food poisoning during the BAFTAs tonight. As an actor the night of the EE BAFTAs is not the best evening to get ill. But exactly that happened to 31-year-old Eddie Redmayne. The star was unable to present an award with American actress Sally […]

Feb 06, 13   Ali   0 Comment Articles & Interviews

This article made me smile as we see a humble side to Eddie when asked about his following in his friend Robert’s status as a heartthrob! He’s British film’s new hot property but Les Miserables star Eddie Redmayne says he’ll never beat fellow Brit Robert Pattinson in the heartthrob stakes. The shy and freckled hunk […]

LOS ANGELES—He was considered for the Marius role in “Les Miserables” based on a video he himself had shot on his iPhone. No less than Hugh Jackman literally carried him around for days while shooting a scene. Prince William was his classmate at Eton College. These are just some of the remarkable trivia about Eddie […]

Feb 01, 13   Ali   0 Comment Articles & Interviews

Were you ever curious as to what apps Eddie uses on his iPhone? Well Glamour.com has the answers for you! OK, OK, so I don’t have any insight on what kind of pictures and videos Eddie Redmayne—he of the swoon-y freckles—has on his phone, but I do know what his favorite apps are. (Too bad […]

Jan 31, 13   Ali   0 Comment Articles & Interviews

Glamour UK is sharing in the Eddie love! They are sharing in all the reasons why we all love Eddie so much! Our name is GLAMOUR and we are Redmayniacs. Let us list the ways in which we adore him. That voice. Warm and smooth like melted chocolate over a peach, Eddie Redmayne’s dulcet well-spoken […]

Jan 28, 13   Ali   1 Comment Articles & Interviews, Events, Video

TNT shared this interview of Eddie being interviewed on the red carpet last night as he arrived at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

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