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UK’s Yahoo Movies spoke with Eddie about filming sex scenes in his films.

Actor Eddie Redmayne, 30, who plays student Marius in Tom Hopper’s Hollywood film adaptation of musical Les Misérables, insists actors are no more sexually experienced than anyone else.

“Everyone hates it. The actors. The directors. They’re terrified. They’ll shout: ‘Action!’ and you start going at it and going at it… just for as long as everyone can bear to. And eventually you and the actress just look at each other and go: ‘Can we stop now? PLEASE’.”

Movie sex is “always awkward”, he insists. ” Just imagine you had to do one. That’s exactly it! THAT is what it is. It’s not like [actors] know what we’re doing more.”

Redmayne also spoke about how directors often cast in him dark roles: “Confused. Sexually ambiguous. Incest. Down pat,” he joked.

Referring to his role in 2007’s Savage Grace, the true crime tale of a son, who is seduced by then murders his mother (played by Julianne Moore), he added. “Whenever directors ask: ‘Do you play anything other than period?’ I always say: ‘Have you not seen my incest film?'”.

Despite being a new film pin-up and model for Burberry menswear he says he was not the best looking teenager. “I feel like I was mid-ranking… Maybe a 6.5.”

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