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Glamour UK is sharing in the Eddie love! They are sharing in all the reasons why we all love Eddie so much!

Our name is GLAMOUR and we are Redmayniacs. Let us list the ways in which we adore him.

That voice. Warm and smooth like melted chocolate over a peach, Eddie Redmayne’s dulcet well-spoken breathy tones never fail to stir us. Mmm, mmm, mmmmmm.

He can sing. You know this. You’ve seen the cinematic event that is Les Mis. What you might not yet have considered is how well this bodes for any relationship (real or otherwise) with Eddie; he loves singing therefore he will probably go to karaoke with you – and enjoy it. Or he could sing his wedding vows to you, Tom Fletcher-style. Did someone just call for the boyfriend holy grail?

Those, darn freckles. Blimey jingles. How we’d like to play connect the dots on those bad boys *Cue sexy music* Bowam-chikka-bowam-bowam.

And while we’re on the subject of his flawless face and chiselled cheekbones, let us take a moment to appreciate those darn lips.

He’s just like us. In an interview with Jonathan Ross he admitted to pinching hotel shampoos.

Go to their site to see the whole list

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