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Here is an article from Cineblog Italy. I used Google Translate to put it into English so it is a bit off … to see the original article go here.

16:13 In conclusion, speaking of the birth of Prince George – inevitable given its origins – come to congratulate the royal family, able to manage the large media attention: the Royal Baby has just five days and is already under the watchful eye of the paparazzi. British pride at the conclusion of the conference in which it was found very little. What is certain is that Eddie Redmayne is a very nice person and extremely elegant. His’ Queen Inglese “hit everyone. And his smile.

16:07 Another role for the big screen, the title role in Theory of Everything , by James Marsh, currently in pre-production on the life of the scientist Stephen Hawking, mathematician, physicist and cosmologist British suffering from progressive muscular atrophy.

“I can not say much in this case because the film is still in preparation. I can only say that Hawking is a great character. My concern is that of not being able to represent him as he deserves. “

4.16 What is your advice to kids who want success quickly, perhaps through the TV?

Some time ago, the aspiration was to become nobles, now is to become celebrities. I am interested in making a good movie, a good product, and enter the great world of art.

16:02 Theatre or theater?

“I love contaminate the two things, I like to combine the two.”

15:58 info on the upcoming movie that sees him with the Wachowskis, Jupiter Ascending , and when sharing their way of writing, always leaving an open ending.

“Working with them was incredible. They have an extraordinary and get on the set every day and enter into their imagination, in their mind, try to enter the world who were immaginanbdo, it was a nice experience. The script and the film I can not say anything yet: we are still running and I do not mean things that is up to them to say. “

15:56 Second question about Les Miserables .

“When I was little I saw the show in the theater then I read the book. Certainly it is not easy to make a theatrical adaptation, making everything you need in the pages of the book. I also think that the character of Cosette is one of the most beautiful that they were written. “

15:50 This time the conference opens with a question of Visonair by the students, the school directed by journalist Ettore Di Lorenzo. Asking the experience of Marylin .

“It ‘s been a wonderful experience, because we shot in the studio that had been filmed The Prince and the Showgirl. Un’esprienza unique. “

He arrives on the Blue Carpet also Eddie Redmayne , young British actor from the curriculum truly spectacular, with beginnings in classical theater and shakespereano success Hollywod conquered opposite Michelle Williams in Marilyn.

Now to meet the press at GFF 2013. Of course, follow us to find out his upcoming projects.

Meanwhile Citadel resonates in the music of Les Miserables , which he participated. But not forget Pillars of the Earth, Birdsong, The Good Shepherd – The Good Shepherd, Elizabeth – The Golden Age, Elizabeth I , just to mention a few other title.

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