Eddie shared with the Belefast Telegraph about how doing his stunts for Jupiter Ascending was insane!

Eddie Redmayne has told how he was strung up in the air and spun around to film stunts for Jupiter Ascending.

The British actor plays the villain in the Wachowskis’ new sci-fi action movie, also starring Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis.

Eddie told Total Film magazine: “My first day of filming was falling through a ‘Grav Trough’, which is a sort of zero gravity tunnel.

“I was strung up 30ft into the air with this extraordinary brace around me, flung down these wires and sent spinning in the air to recreate a kind of gravitational pull…

“I’d never done anything like it – I usually do little period dramas, so it was completely insane!”

And Channing revealed he spent six weeks experimenting with the stunt team on how he would recreate the feeling of zero gravity on screen.

He said: “It was completely original choreography, so it wasn’t like we had to learn kung fu. I slide up and down walls and building and glide through air.

“I was out there six weeks before we started, just trying to create new things that you haven’t seen before.

“Gravity doesn’t exist, obviously, so you’re trying to figure out different ways to create. Is it just wires? Do you put bouncy shoes on my feet? Do you put rollerblades on?

“There’s nothing that goes from skating straight to sideways, so they created these boots that did that.

“It was intense. I was skating up walls and across the ceiling.

“There’s not a technique to learn how to do that. It’s trial and error.

“You just skate at the wall and sometimes you go into the wall, and sometimes you go up it. There were definitely some fails.”

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