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Jupiter Ascending | An All New International Trailer
September 25, 2014    0

An all new trailer for Jupiter Ascending … we get a lot more footage of Eddie’s character this time and I LOVE IT! I am getting so excited for this film and the opportunity to see Eddie play such a dark role!

Images from M Magazine Shoot
September 23, 2014    0

As I shared earlier Eddie is featured in the fall issue of M magazine and I have added outtakes from the shoot to the gallery! I think this is such a great shoot! Gallery Links: – Eddie Redmayne Web > Outtakes > 2014 > 009

‘The Theory of Everything’ Star Eddie Redmayne Talks About Meeting Stephen Hawking and Why the Role Terrified Him
September 23, 2014    0

Eddie did this interview with Thelma Adams for Yahoo Movies! A lithe, red-haired Eddie Redmayne slips into the banquette in a restaurant in Toronto, takes one look at the table’s snack mix and pushes away the bowl. Shaking hands, he remembers that the last time we saw each other was in New York at a […]

The Hollywood Reporter | Live From Toronto with the Cast of The Theory of Everything
September 21, 2014    0

Here is another interview from the Toronto Film Festival with Eddie, Felicity & James. Director James Marsh also reveals that Stephen’s voice plays a big part in his movie. “That felt like a real gift and it changed the film in real interesting way ,” says Marsh. “It deepened it somehow.”

Eddie in People Magazine
September 20, 2014    0

Eddie is one of the stars featured in the new People magazine with shoots from Toronto. Gallery Links: – Eddie Redmayne Web > 2014 > September 29 | People

Eddie Redmayne Recalls Meeting Stephen Hawking, Telling Him, “We’re Both Capricorns”—Check Out His Reply
September 18, 2014    0

Eddie is on the cover of the new M magazine and E!Online gives us a rundown of the article! Eddie Redmayne had what sounds like a rather awkward first meeting with Stephen Hawking, who he plays in the new film The Theory of Everything. The 32-year-old British actor recalled in an interview with M magazine, […]

New The Theory of Everything Stills
September 12, 2014    0

I have some new stills of Eddie as Stephen from The Theory of Everything. Gallery Links: – Eddie Redmayne Web > Theory Of Everything > Production Stills

Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones on The Theory of Everything with Vanity Fair
September 12, 2014    0

The pair, who star together in the Stephen Hawking biopic, discuss their favorite love stories, the appeal of British actors, and Jones’s possible future as Black Cat. P.S. I love Eddie’s response to what his favorite love story is!

Press Interview at TIFF
September 12, 2014    0

Such a wonderful press interview where Eddie talks about the daunting task of portraying Stephen Hawking.

The Best Things About Eddie Redmayne’s Performance as Stephen Hawking
September 12, 2014    0

PopSugar shares the best parts of Eddie’s performance in The Theory of Everything and why everyone is talking “Oscar”. The Theory of Everything had people buzzing at the Toronto International Film Festival (and was one of our favorite movies), and most of the praise has been directed at star Eddie Redmayne’s performance. Redmayne’s roles in […]

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