September 12, 2014 Ali Images, Theory of Everything Leave a Comment gives us this fun new portrait of Eddie & Felciity from TIFF and an article about the things they discussed with Eddie!

See these kids? That’s Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne, two incredibly beautiful, wildly talented British actors, and you should get used to seeing their faces now. Their new flick, The Theory of Everything, was one of the buzziest titles of the Toronto International Film Festival and it’s already pegged to be one of this year’s Oscar contenders.

When they stopped by InStyle’s pop-up portrait studio at the fest, Redmayne told us how he completely transformed himself for the project, turning into a younger version of genius Stephen Hawking to tell the love story of the famed physicist and his first wife Jane (Jones) as they face Hawking’s diagnosis of motor neutron disease.

“When I got cast in this part, it was the most extraordinary opportunity,” Redmayne said. “There was a moment of complete ecstatic euphoria that lasted about a second and a half, and from then it’s just been like, fear and trepidation. Because when you’re playing somebody who’s alive, you know that ultimately you’re going to get their judgment.” But it worked out: “When Stephen saw the film and Jane and the Hawking family saw the film—and enjoyed it—that for us was the greatest compliment.”

For Redmayne, it was important to tell this real-life story. “To me, this film is a love story, but an unconventional love story and a love story about love in all its different guises,” Redmayne told us. “It’s young love, it’s passionate love, it’s family love, it’s love of a subject, like science. But it’s also about the flaws and the humanity in trying to upkeep that. So for me, it’s interesting because it’s a film about an incredibly happy ending, but not a Hollywood ending.”

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