November 9, 2014 Ali Articles & Interviews, Images Leave a Comment did an exclusive interview and photoshoot of Eddie and you can read the interview below! Along with seeing these handsome pics!

Eddie Redmayne Interview – Exclusive

Just Jared: What’s your favorite memory of the whole experience – pre-production, filming or even after shooting?

Eddie Redmayne: The first was meeting Stephen himself. Once I got over my debilitating nerves it was wonderful. He is geniusly funny.

JJ: What was your favorite off-screen moment during shooting?

ER: Probably shooting the may ball scene when Stephen, Jane, Jonathan and Lucy came to visit. It was surreal to be playing them while they watched. Lily Cole was there randomly also. She is friends with Stephen.

JJ: What was your favorite prop from set?

ER: The buddy holly glasses for sure.

JJ: ALS has been a very hot topic, especially since the ice bucket challenge. What do you think this film brings to the table besides awareness?

ER: The ice bucket challenge brought extraordinary and much needed awareness to the disease and raised money which is wonderful. This brutal disease has been around for over 100 years and they are still struggling to get closer to finding a cure, or a reason and a lot of that has to do with funding. I hope the film helps show what the effects of the disease can be on all aspects of the sufferer’s life, including their family. One patient described it as living in a prison with the walls getting smaller daily- PLEASE DONATE

JJ: You take on very challenging roles as an actor. What’s your dream role to tackle?

ER: Honestly I never have specific things I aspire to. I would never have dreamt that I would play Stephen Hawking. Not in a million years.

JJ: What was your very first role as an actor before any of your big gigs?

ER: Workhouse Boy no 43 in a production of Oliver.

JJ: Besides your own movie, what’s been your favorite movie this past year?

ER: Two Days, One Night – I think Marion Cotillard is breathtaking. In everything.

JJ: Which TV shows and music have you been consuming lately? Has any of that inspired your acting?

ER: I am about 7 years behind everyone else. I’m just getting into Homeland. My all time favorite is The West Wing. If I met Allison Janney, Bradley Whitford or any of the team I would be speechless. Truly speechless.

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