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Yesterday Eddie took over Focus Feature’s twitter account to do tweets with various press sites including Here are some of the questions from the People Twitter Chat.

After seeing Eddie Redmayne’s moving performance as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, we had lots of questions, and we know you did, too. That’s why PEOPLE sat down with the actor so he could tell all – and the questions came straight from our readers!

You wanted to know all about his role in the film, and the actor took to Twitter to dish on everything from Stephen Hawking and science to The Simpsons and his time at the University of Cambridge.

Welcome, Eddie! @KaeleighFuran23 wants to know: How did you get into character? To play Stephen Hawking must be intimidating! #AskEddie

.@peoplemag @KaeleighFuran23 Super intimidating but a great privilege. Learned about @alsassociation @mndassoc & worked with a dancer 4 mvt

From @jamestereo_: #AskEddie Was the process of embodying the character as hard as it seemed to be?

.@peoplemag @jamestereo_ It was hard but hugely rewarding. This film has taught me a vast amount & I got to hang w/Prof Hawking :)

From @_Will_Jacobs: When working on a character, what do you start with first? #AskEddie

.@peoplemag @_Will_Jacobs Changes with each character, but often the physicality and voice/accent.

From @evalewisc: #AskEddie What was going through your mind when you first met Stephen Hawking? Ps. I’m a huge fan :D

.@peoplemag @evalewisc Trying not to make a fool of myself (I made a fool of myself, but he’s truly funny).

From @evalewisc: #AskEddie what was your impression of Stephen Hawking before you started researching him for #TheTheoryofEverything?

.@peoplemag @evalewisc I’d seen him at Cambridge (and on @TheSimpsons). I knew he had a great mind and wit but I was pretty ignorant.

From @wilsonjames_23: @FocusFeatures what were the biggest challenges in taking on this role? #AskEddie

.@peoplemag @wilsonjames_23 There were many tricky parts: the science! But hardest was the shifting physicality (bc film wasn’t shot in seq)

From @samsonitelee: #askeddie What did Stephen Hawking say about your portrayal of him?

.@peoplemag @samsonitelee He was really kind and sweetly offered us his copyrighted voice to use in the film.

And that’s a wrap – thanks for chatting with us, Eddie! (And everyone: Go check him out in #TheTheoryofEverything!)

.@peoplemag Treat chatting with you guys! Hope you enjoy the movie! E.Redmayne signing off.

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