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Eddie Redmayne has already confessed he’s a big fan of reality TV. But the Oscar nominee, 33, admits that his guilty pleasures don’t stop there.

How does he plan to escape after all of the red carpet hoopla?

With a beach vacation that includes new wife Hannah Bagshawe and a “really trashy” book, he says.

“When you’re an actor, there’s always something you have to read for work, so you always have to either be reading a script or researching a script,” the British actor tells PEOPLE before taking home the cinema vanguard award at the Santa Barbara Film Festival on Thursday. “That moment where you get to choose a book that you want to read just for pleasure is that rare thing,” he adds.

He may be ready to ditch awards season for a vacation, but Redmayne calls his experience portraying Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything “formidable.”

“I’m someone who gets caught up in the banalities and anxieties of the every day,” he says. “But I’m just remembering, we only have one shot at this, being on this planet,” he says. “[The movie] encouraged me to make sure you live your life passionately.”


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