Eddie’s mother Patricia has shared with the Daily Mail her feelings about Eddie being nominated for an Academy Award.

He has already received a string of accolades for his portrayal of Professor Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything.

But it seems an Oscar nomination is the icing on the cake – for Eddie Redmayne’s mother, at least.

As the British star was announced as a contender for the Best Actor gong yesterday, his ecstatic mother Patricia, 65, admitted she ‘hadn’t dared hope’ her son would be acknowledged by the world’s biggest film awards.

She said: ‘We’re absolutely delighted and over the moon with the news.

‘I found out this afternoon and I had some champagne with some friends to celebrate. I think there are so many great actors out there at the moment, I think he has done so well to be nominated. I’ve spoken to him on the phone and he is just very, very excited.’

Speaking outside her home in Chelsea, she added: ‘I think it was an extraordinary film and after a time watching it I forgot it was Eddie. I just thought it was Stephen Hawking.

‘He’s a performer and has been ever since he was five and he first started singing at school. I remember at his 21st birthday one of his friends gave a speech saying they were looking forward to seeing him at the Oscars. He’s coming home soon, and I think we will all be going out for a meal to celebrate.’

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