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People did a highlight of Eddie being honored by Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth cast her spell on Friday when she honored Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne.

The Fantastic Beasts actor , 34, was welcomed at Windsor Castle to receive his Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire award (OBE), given for his services to drama.

Dapper in a black tailcoat and striped pants, he attended the ceremony with his parents and his wife Hannah.

The castle will be very familiar to him. It is a short walk from Eton College, where he went to school alongside the Queen’s grandson, Prince William.

“She was asking me whether I prefer film or theater, and asked me if I enjoyed it,” he told reporters of his exchange with the monarch.

“I’m very lucky to do something I am passionate about,” he added. “I’m very grateful to do something I love, because it is a rare thing.”

He called the honor “extraordinary,” adding, “it is something that I had never thought of and it was never in my wildest imagination . . . the whole experience is incredibly humbling, and also getting to be in Windsor Castle is breathtaking, around Christmas as well with all the decorations.”

He also spoke about his baby daughter Iris, who was born in June.

Noting that he is going to take a “little break” over the holidays and “eat a lot of ham,” he said he found it “wonderful” being a parent: “Except [Iris] does have the habit of knowing when you have a big day, like today.

“And she was up until four in the morning, so both my wife and I came today with matchsticks under our eyes. Other than that she is on cracking form.”

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