January 11, 2021 Ali Charity, Eddie Leave a Comment

Offline life and my role as a parent has taken over the past few weeks and so I need to take a moment and wish Eddie a happy belated birthday!

The fan’s Annual Birthday Fundraiser is still going on. The goal is to raise $1000.00 towards the Motor Neurone Disease Association in his honor. This is an organization that is important to Eddie and we want to honor him by supporting the work by helping raise awareness. Go here to send even a small donation in his behalf!

Eddie’s birthday is Jan. 6, and we’re honoring him with this yearly fundraiser where fans can donate to the Motor Neurone Disease Association of the UK in his name. Donations go to important research and to supporting caregivers and families affected by this cruel disease.

Eddie won every major film acting award — including the Oscar — for “The Theory of Everything” and his vivid portrayal of Stephen Hawking, who defied science to live with the deadly disease for more than a half-century. Eddie’s intensely personal research into the effects of MND/ALS on its sufferers and their families led him to become a Patron of the Association.

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