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Eddie and his co-star and friend Jessica Chastain are at the Toronto Film Festival and did an interview with People where they discussed playing their characters and about what it was like working together.

Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain tell PEOPLE about “wanting to work together for such a long time” before making Netflix’s The Good Nurse

For pals Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne, it was “a joy” to finally work together — even if their characters were deeply at odds.

The Oscar winners put their real-life friendship to the test making the new Netflix thriller The Good Nurse, based on the true story of a woman who risks her livelihood to expose a fellow nurse who is secretly murdering patients.

At PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly’s photo and video studio at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday, Redmayne, 40, and Chastain, 45, explained how their off-screen camaraderie played into their performances.

“We’ve talked about wanting to work together for such a long time,” says Chastain. “Honestly I was a little nervous because sometimes you can really like someone and then you meet them on set and, especially if they’re playing a complex character, all of a sudden their energy is different.”

“And what was so lovely about working with Eddie is that he’s always as lovely as you see him now. He doesn’t change, except when action happens,” she continues. “Then it’s a completely different energy. That’s a huge gift because it doesn’t torture the people around you when you’re working. So I was really very, very grateful for that.”

Says Redmayne, “There’s a weird thing when you’re working with friends, where you’re like, ‘Maybe you don’t wanna work with your friends.’ I’ve heard stories about friends, and I’m like, ‘Oh no, maybe I don’t ever wanna work with you! I love you [but] you sound like a nightmare!’ ”

But when it came to costarring with Chastain, he says, “Thank God” that wasn’t the case.

The Good Nurse is on Netflix Oct. 26.


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