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Apr 09, 13   Ali   0 Comment Hick

I have added a new detailed page to the filmography for Eddie’s film Hick. Go here to see it.

Mar 23, 13   Ali   0 Comment Hick, Images

Eddie’s film Hick is getting ready to release on DVD in the UK the next few months. I decided to capture the film and add it to the gallery! Eddie’s acting in this film is phenomenal! Gallery Links: – Eddie Redmayne Web > Films > 2011 | Hick > Screen Captures | Film – Eddie […]

Mar 21, 13   Ali   0 Comment Hick

For the next four months you can rent Eddie’s film Hick Online at Google Play! Lymelife writer/co-director Derick Martini adapts Andrea Portes’ 2007 coming-of-age novel about a young Nebraska girl who runs away from home, and learns that life on the road has its fair share of danger. Luli (Chloe Moretz) has just turned 13. […]

Mar 03, 13   Ali   0 Comment Hick, Images

Added two new stills to the gallery from Eddie’s film Hick. Gallery Links: – Eddie Redmayne Web > Hick > Production Stills

Feb 19, 13   Ali   0 Comment Hick, Video

I have added three videos to the media archive from Hick … two clips and an interview from the Making of Featurette. Eddie really does a great job in this role! Go here to see all of them.

LOS ANGELES—He was considered for the Marius role in “Les Miserables” based on a video he himself had shot on his iPhone. No less than Hugh Jackman literally carried him around for days while shooting a scene. Prince William was his classmate at Eton College. These are just some of the remarkable trivia about Eddie […]

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